Social media marketers often neglect YouTube Management because they think their target audience is not on the platform. Well, think again.

It is labeled by others as an online video platform, while others think of it as a social media network. Either way, one thing remains true — YouTube is the internet’s second-largest search engine with more than two billion monthly active users worldwide. This means it can help improve your brand’s presence across the internet.

What’s more, a quarter of internet users worldwide spend more than 10 hours watching videos on YouTube. It is so vast that its users can access it in 76 languages.

While the abovementioned facts posit great success on the platform, YouTube only allows its users to post videos and encourage interactions in the comment section.

Fortunately, there are helpful and practical strategies to expand your brand’s presence there. Best, you can also now hire people to do the work for you.


YouTube channel for business

Google owns YouTube, so if you already have a Google account, either personal or business, then that’s good.

You can create a YouTube channel with your personal account. However, you solely have access to it. The account will be under your name, and it can be connected directly to your personal email address. This means, if you have a team for managing your channel, they have to access your email address. But, of course, you don’t want that to happen.

Fortunately, you can create a Brand Account on YouTube. With this, people assigned for YouTube Marketing can log in to the channel simultaneously. Plus, you can also open and manage multiple channels with your YouTube Brand Account.

If it’s challenging for you to go through the process, you can always reach out to us here at 75 Social.

With our YouTube Channel Management service, we can create a plan for you. We’ll likewise manage it and transform it into a more professional-looking and subscribers-friendly channel. By tapping us to do this for you, a dedicated and competent social media manager will also be assigned for you in ensuring your channel is highly optimized and properly presented.


 YouTube Management Tips

Exceptional YouTube Management Service

Managing your YouTube requires expertise and competence. We know how daunting it is to find the right person who can deliver and meet your expectations. But worry no more, 75 Social is here to help. With our YouTube Channel Management, we can morph your channel into something viewers will really like.

To learn about this, please go to this link. In addition, should you have questions about the services we offer, contact us through our social media channels or email us at sales@75social.com.

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