Everything you need to know about 75 Social’s services


Who will manage my account?

Our team is composed of highly qualified social media managers and content providers. They will be assigned to create, manage and distribute content for you (our customers) across various social media platforms of your choosing.

Our social media managers are all educated, all professionals who have been trained for years in this realm so we can guarantee you that they will get the work done.

Since we treat this service very seriously, know that we take each and every of our client’s concerns and we try to address them as instant as soon as possible.

How are we going to know what content to post

Once your order has been placed, we will proceed to the next important process, which is assigning a social media manager for you.

This person will be in touch with you within 24 hours upon placement of your order. He/she will work on ideas and strategies to improve your social media managent, this include researching about your brand business, its line of business, how it’s best to promote it and how to improve your presence on social media.

In this process, you will also be asked what content you want to see so feel free to share your ideas.

Once you’ve finalized everything, the social media manager will begin producing the content for you. Then comes the distribution.

While I'm signed up, will I still be able to keep my access on my accounts?

Yes! You and the social media manager assigned to you will share access to the page. Simultaneously, you can continue managing your accounts and post whatever content you want to post.

Can I contact the social media manager when I have new products that I want to promote?

Yes! You can basically contact the social media manager assigned to you — any day, anytime within the duration of your package.

If you want to promote anything, you can reach out to the social media manager and let him/her know specifically what you want.

Remember, you are hiring us to do the job for you. We are more than willing — and able — to do it for you!

Will I be signing up a contract upon signing to our service?

We will be providing a short online letter of agreement which you will be signing.

This letter contains our terms of service along with our work obligations to you, as well as your own obligations to us, like paying to our services.

Note than you are free to walk away any time but we require you to give us a 30-day notice.

What else can 75 Social do beyond social media management?

While we obviously focus on social media management, 75 Social also offers a variety of other services. This includes SEO or search engine optimzation, web designing, video production and etc.

For list of additional services, go to this link.

Do I get to review the posts before they go live?

You will given that option by signing up to our $275 or $375 packages. By purchasing either of these two packages, you will have the ability to review literally everything that your social media manager plans to post and you have a say on whether it should be posted or not.

I want to increase my followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What should I do?

Apart from our Multi-platform Packages, we also have separate packages and services for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to know more about our growth engine packages in our menu section. Or if you have a specific question about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.