Graphic and web designing, SEO, video production — 75 Social has a lot to offer!

Pinterest Marketing - $175/month

Have no Pinterest account yet? We will make one for you. Through this service, we will help your grow your brand’s Pinterest following. In this package we will also manage your boards and pins, with the end goal of driving web traffic and good search ranking for your brand.


LinkedIn Marketing - Ask for a quote

In this package, we will build and improve your presence on LinkedIn. If you don’t have an account yet, and also a company page, we will create them for you. Once everything has been set up properly, we will curate content for you through daily updates and weekly article posts, both tailored made for your brand.

Additionally, we will also focus on improving your connections who will potentially lean towards your account. 

Google My Business Management - Ask for a quote

Stand out from the crowd and have your business become more high performing on Google through our Google My Business Management service. By signing up to this, we will increase your business’ listing engagement, as well as your branded search results.

Search Engine Optimization - Ask for a quote

Whether it’s your website or a blog article, we will help you optimize them properly by using strong SEO keywords that will potentially put them on top of search engines. 

Pricing for this package depends on your requirement and need. Feel free to ask us for a quote and we’d be more than happy to assist you.

Branding/Logo Design - Ask for a quote

A business or brand logo is very important. It is the HEART of your business or brand. Our team of design expert can do one for you! From pre-production to production, we will be there to create one that is unique for your business or brand. Contact us and we will get back to you ASAP!

Graphic Designing - Ask for a quote

Advertisement materials. collateral, flyers, brochures, website images — anything you need, we can do them all for you. Our team of graphic designers will help you achieve the designs and visuals you need, no matter how complex they are. Whatever your requirement is, we can do it for you! Our graphic designers are trained in using the latest softwares, be it Corel or Adobe.

Web Designing - Ask for a quote

Whether it’s a personal online portal or a business e-commerce website, 75 Social’s web designers can help you with website goals. From its design to various web functions, we will create one for you that will meet all your requirements.
We aren’t just any digital agencies out there as we work round the clock, 6 days a week, so expect the project to be done much faster, more efficiently. Think about having one now? Contact us now so we can give you a quote!

YouTube Channel Management - Ask for a quote

Want a YouTube channel of your own? We can do that for you. This package includes setting up your channel, which includes working on the graphic and text elements for your channel to make it more professional-looking.

Want more than this? Partner this package with our Video Production service so you can save more budget for this.

Email us now so we can give you a quote!

Yelp Marketing - Ask for a quote

Establishing your brand goes beyond using your regular social networking platforms. Want to use Yelp? We’ll set up the account for you — allowing you to have more exposure and a good ranking on various online search engines.

Work with us in ensuring that online reviews about your brand are handled with care.

Are you interested? Send us an email and we’ll give you a quote!

Video Production - Ask for a quote

Thinking about a video production for your brand? No matter how long or whatever concept you want, 75 Social is here to assist you.

Email us your requirements so we can give you a quote!

Content Writing - Ask for a quote

Need to have something written for you? Whether it’s in a blog or article form, 75 Social can do it for you. Our team of professional writers can write compelling and relevant content for you no matter what the subject matter is: news, trends, technology, etc.

Additionally, we can also write product description, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content writing and website content.

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