In recent years, TikTok has undoubtedly dominated the social media sphere, capturing the undivided attention of an entire generation with its addictive and engaging short-form videos on the ‘For You’ feed.

Paring its short clips and fine-tuned algorithm, TikTok completely changed user attention spans, and not aligning with this shift means you will eventually fall through the cracks.

The social media giant recognizes this in its latest audience consumption trends report, mentioning that:

“In the past, audience attention was predictable, with scheduled television programs making it easy for advertisers to gauge prime times to capture consumers’ focus. Now, technological advances have made heaps of information available at any time and in any part of the world, and keeping up with consumers’ always-on digital presence presents a daunting challenge.”

With a 46% content engagement rate without distractions or multi-screening, TikTok says that short-form video is the solution.

According to the company, “The platform offers up endless discovery of new voices and ideas, a diverse community that embraces vulnerability, and a highly-inclusive culture of influence that is causing users to spend less time on other platforms.”

TikTok also highlights that 35% of its users pointed out that they are spending ‘less time watching TV or video content since joining TikTok.’

For businesses and marketers alike, focusing and maximizing where the attention is currently focused is the key, and based on hard data and these insights, TikTok is currently that platform.

To gain more critical insights on this, TikTok has published new figures with corresponding notes on how short-form videos can capture audiences’ attention and drive businesses in a way that is unparalleled across the industry.

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