Hosting an event is not a walk in the park as it requires careful planning and strategic marketing to attract your intended audience, carry out the event’s purpose and achieve the event’s objectives. So, if you’re planning to host one, whether an in-person or virtual event, LinkedIn has you covered!

LinkedIn has recently published a new event framework to help business owners outline and plan their events strategy around eight key elements that make up LinkedIn’s suggested event cycle.

The framework covers how an event should be planned, what type of activities are included and where they should take place, as well as who should be involved in planning, executing and reporting on the event.

These elements are further explored in the guide, in which half of it is dedicated to virtual events and the other half is to in-person events.

The world’s largest professional platform also gives useful tips on how to decide which event is best.

Aside from having an overview of how to map out or structure your event, the guide also comprises a broad range of helpful and practical planning points and notes.

What’s more, LinkedIn also includes specific pointers on how to leverage your event marketing approach and strategy.

As well as what LinkedIn users want to experience from a live virtual event.

All in all, this guide allows businesses to strategically map out their events for them to communicate with their professional audience in an interesting and engaging way. Hosting an event is also another way to build brand awareness and make connections that will help grow your business. So, it is crucial to hosting a successful one. Because whether in-person or virtual events, one thing always remains true — it must be carefully planned to carry out the event’s purpose and objectives.


To download LinkedIn’s ‘Event Framework’ guide, just click here. For LinkedIn company page management, social media management and other digital services, check out our offerings here at 75 Social!

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