As Google plans to continuously improve its Google Search algorithm, which could have significant impacts on your website traffic, it will be worth tuning into ‘Search On 22’, a virtual conference where the company outlines its latest innovations and advancements in its Google Search.

Happening on September 28 at 10 am PT/1:00 pm ET, Search On 22 will consist of Google Search experts presenting the latest advances, progress and approaches in Search ranking.

According to Google, “During the event, you’ll hear about how Google is reimagining its core information products to help people make sense of the world in more natural and intuitive ways.”

Alongside this is its most recent ‘helpful content’ update, strategically designed to feature websites in Google Search results that publish and create content ‘for humans’, contrasting to sites that are designed to prioritize SERP ranking than the quality of the content they publish.

This could be a game changer because for years, to drive more traffic to your website and get the top spot of SERPs, the common SEO practice is that you must create webpages with top-ranking keywords and search phrases and terms scattered throughout your web page. However, this approach has been abused by overwhelmingly putting these technical SEO elements in websites, which—instead of providing the most relevant and valuable results—Google Search shows what product or content that’s rich in keywords.

More recently, Google Search has introduced new updates to Search snippets, contextual results, content advisory warnings and more.

As Google makes numerous improvements and changes per year to Search, as a matter of fact, it has made 4,500 changes to Search in 2020 alone, Google is always improving. This is the exact reason why SEO remains an ambiguous science.

That is why publicly accessible events like ‘Search On 22’ are of paramount importance to business owners like you because they present significant, relevant and timely information needed to stay in business. A single tweak or change can have a major impact on your web page, either positively or negatively.

Just watching and taking notes from this event can help you identify what changes negatively affect your web page and how you can mend these to keep your website ranking high in SERPs moving forward.

To watch the ‘Search On 22’ live stream later this month, just click here.


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