TikTok continues to stay relevant and has become one of the fundamental culture drivers worldwide ever since its drastic rise in 2019. Because of this, numerous marketers have logically considered how they can maximize brand promotions in the app since then.

However, marketing on TikTok is different compared to other social media platforms. This is due to its users responding better to native-style content, presumably greater than other platforms.

Its short-form vertical video feature can limit the success of proactive approaches in the app. In that manner, you have to follow the standards and latest trends of the For You Page to expand your brand promotion engagement, interaction and reach in the app.

TikTok acknowledges this existing restraint and partners with IPSOS, a global market research and consulting firm, to conduct 296 brand lift studies for one year. As a result, they acquire critical insights into branded content that drives the most favorable impact on the platform.

If you are a social media advertiser or marketer, you have probably asked these questions: How will I approach brand promotions on TikTok? How can I maximize the embedded features of the app to create branded content?

To better understand how you are going to create a brand promotion approach on TikTok, check out the infographic below.

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