Instagram has taken another great leap by launching “Yours to Make,” a new global branding campaign focusing on the benefits of community connection in the app.

The new campaign, which is already live in the US and UK, and will be launched in other territories later this year, pushes to have its users explore more ideas, perspectives and expression in the community they identified themselves to, within the Instagram ecosystem.

As per Instagram, the “Yours to Make” campaign “showcases how you can explore who you are with Instagram.”

“For young people, identity isn’t defined, it’s something that’s constantly explored. Whether that means connecting more deeply with the people that matter to you, discovering and experimenting with new interests, or sharing your perspective, however work in progress it may be,” the blurb on its website reads.

With this campaign, Instagram hopes to also keep up with the latest social media trends. As it stands, we know how powerful and popular TikTok is among its core users — the youth — with its innovative and fun functions where everyone is free to impress.

Instagram aims to do the same with the “Yours to Make” campaign, but wants its users to focus more on expressing their identity, more than impressing.

“Instagram believes when we have a place to collectively explore who we can be, we can move ourselves, our communities, and even the world forward. It’s Yours To Make,” the company said.

Learn more about the campaign by watching this promo video.

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