TikTok — known for fun and creative short videos — has shared creative and straightforward tips on driving conversion with your ads based on a comprehensive data-driven analysis in its system.

TikTok reviewed thousands of examples in its ad network using the machine learning model to identify the standard best practices of the most successful campaigns, which could help brands and businesses maximize the performance of their marketing strategies in the app.

These are what it uncovered:

Image: TikTok


To optimize your TikTok ads performance, you should aim to shoot your videos in high resolution, use full-screen effects, give your audience a clear and direct action and keep your message short (between 21 and 34 seconds).

By doing these simple tips, you can quickly achieve your advertising objectives in the app. Which, in return, increases your business revenue.

On top of this, TikTok has also presented industry-specific best practices.

Image: TikTok


eCommerce best practices

  • Video ads that showcased a variety of scenes led to a 38% lift in conversion than still and continuous shots.
  • Using closed captioning or onscreen text that presents a deal or call-to-action led to an 80% lift in conversion.
  • The combination of human voiceover illustrating the product and a written offer saw an 87% lift in conversion.

Image: TikTok


Gaming best practices

  • Gaming video ads showcasing five or more scenes drove a 171% conversion than videos with fewer scenes.
  • Videos that used onscreen text in the first seven seconds drove 43% conversion in contrast to videos that waited longer than seven seconds to show text.

These are valuable tips on driving ads conversion successfully on TikTok, which could also help you formulate your creative marketing approach in the app.

Overall, familiarizing yourself with TikTok’s functions and features and implementing those creative tips mentioned above will help you efficiently maximize your marketing campaign and target ad objectives.


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