What else can you not do on social media? This question pops to my mind constantly every time I see posts of almost everything random on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. From news to the latest trends, there is always a social media channel for everything.

You are free to share your thoughts with the world, promote a cause or brand, post your pictures, and you can definitely do shopping on some social media platforms. There’s literally nothing you cannot do on social media. All you have to have is a device, set up an account and you’re good to go.

With a wide variety of interests you can find on these channels, many businesses succeed in advertising and promoting their brands on these platforms. From micro-blogging to visual advertisements, there’s no denying that these efforts help boost a brand.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, having success on social media can be challenging because of rapidly changing trends and the diverse atmosphere on different platforms. And whether you’ve long been using this or just started, managing all the channels can be very stressful.

Each platform has unique audiences, nuances, and capabilities that directly influence how you manage your brand’s content. This is where social media management kicks in.


What is social media management?

Social media management pertains to the ongoing process of strategically creating content, publishing, analyzing, and monitoring your brand’s presence across multiple platforms.

It also includes managing your accounts’ or pages’ engagements, interactions and impressions with social media users.

However, if you don’t know the nooks and crannies of it, you can always hire a pro to do the work for you.

If you want services tailor-fitted to your business’ needs for successful social media postings, 75 Social can help you.

With our different services, per platform or multi-platform, there’s no need for you to worry about what content to publish, when to publish it and how to monitor your accounts.


Why does social media management matter?

Almost everyone in the world uses social media so your brand’s presence on different channels is paramount to building and maintaining your brand image.

As they say, you can never get a second chance for another great first impression. That is applicable too in social media. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to create an excellent first impression to have a long and lasting relationship with your audience and customers.

When you want to be consistent with your brand’s presence across different platforms, you have to answer the question, “What’s the value my customer will get when they visit my brand profile?”

That alone can be achieved by setting your brand’s values and goals. Stay true to what you promised by being consistent with the content you publish on your brand’s profile across multiple channels.

Knowing what content is important to your customers — and what can actually be useful to them — is the first step in your social media strategy. Social media trends change the way people use them so constantly adapting to them is key.

Think about this: social media users engage and connect with their families, friends, and colleagues on Facebook. They create content on YouTube, engage with visuals on Instagram, get organized on Pinterest, discuss careers on LinkedIn, and get breaking stories from Twitter.

When you create content for Facebook, go the extra mile with your visual designs. Carefully think about how your customers can relate to your content. Will they find it engaging? Is it visually appealing? The same goes for Instagram: focus on your visual designs.

On Twitter, make your message direct, concise, relevant, and timely. Remember, you only have 280 characters per tweet.

Aside from the differences of contents and audiences on different social media platforms, the sizing and formatting also differ from platform to platform. Even if you have the same picture for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, make sure it is sized correctly. In that way, you’re ensuring consumer’s confidence in your brand.

Social media management helps brands to tailor fit social media content for each platform. And, it is important to hire a competent social media manager.


Affordable, Strategic and Effective Social Media Management for you

Keeping up to the latest social media trends is a crucial part of your brand’s presence across multiple platforms, and it is imperative to be at your very best in managing your social media channels. As we’ve written, social media management is the most effective and efficient way to succeed in the business sector.

However, choosing the right people and agency to manage your social media channels can be very daunting. But, with a genuine understanding of your needs, you can decide on a variety of options tailor-fitted just for you.

Contact us and we will be more than willing to help you with your social media management and more. See some of our offerings here. And if you have any questions, please email us at sales@75social.com. We are available 24/7.