Over the past decade, the business sector has made a serious effort to cater to all customers regardless of race, skin color, gender preference, body type and ethnicity. This made a significant shift in marketing — whether traditional or digital — of major brands.

Pinterest, a platform known for its pinboard-style photo-sharing, has made great efforts in emphasizing diversity in its advanced features.

Pinterest Senior Vice President of Technology Jeremy King acknowledged this in a recent interview, saying, “We believe it’s our responsibility as a visual platform to think about what it means to really see yourself in the product, regardless of who you are.”

So far, the platform’s inclusivity efforts have shown great results. One of its outstanding accomplishments is diversifying its data to train the models with diverse content to show diverse recommendations. This thus far has led to a drastic increase in engagement and searches.

In addition, Pinterest has also widened skin tone ranges with its Augmented Reality (AR) Try On that allows users to try the products virtually. This feature particularly empowers businesses as shopping shifts from physical to online shopping. It also allows potential customers to see if the product suits them. As a result, customers are more likely to purchase the products on Pin with AR than standard Pins.

What’s even more remarkable, Pinterest’s AR Try On does not have a skin filter or skin smoothing feature. With this, recommendations based on your skin tone are much more spot-on and make online shopping an actual reality than augmented.

King also highlighted the crucial role of business owners in diversifying products. He said businesses have to ensure diverse representations by selecting creators, models, or influencers with diverse backgrounds.

Additionally, according to him, businesses should research and work with focus groups made up of underrepresented communities so that their products, designs, and services better fit anyone, not just a particular group of customers. With this innovation, Pinterest hopes to empower businesses owned by people of color and other underrepresented groups.

“We always say, you can’t be inspired if you don’t feel represented,” said King. “Brands must ensure that their community — and the community they want in the future — can see themselves in their offerings.”


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