LinkedIn has published new market and audience insights, including critical business shifts in specific regions, to help marketers and businesses understand the international markets better.

Aside from that, this region-specific international marketing resource also allows businesses to be aware of key trends to better assess their current ad campaigns for foreign markets.

As social media platforms let businesses easily reach and engage with people worldwide, the world becomes smaller, allowing entrepreneurs and corporations to dream big.

This, among many reasons, is why LinkedIn, a leading platform for business and talent solutions, published critical international market insights that will address specific business needs.

As elucidated by the company, “As the world becomes smaller and business ambitions grow bigger, more marketers are being handed international marketing mandates. It’s one thing to develop effective marketing strategies in the comfort of your home markets, but quite another to lead the charge into unfamiliar territory.”

The published audience and market resource feature the US, UK, Germany, Southeast Asia and Australia as focus regions to help marketers and businesses successfully sell their products and services in these regions.

These insights include an economic overview, local audience profile and reach in the app, fastest-growing verticals, top content interest, best-performing ad formats, and more.

While LinkedIn plans on adding more regions over time, let’s look at the US market and audience insights below.

See the market insights of other regions here. And for LinkedIn account management, social media management and other digital services, check out our offerings here at 75 Social!

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