Instagram has tapped into the minds of Gen-Z to gain a better understanding of the rising trends across music, fashion, creators, beauty, social justice and more and published an upcoming trends report that will determine the internet culture for 2022.

To piece together the Trends Report in October 2021, Instagram has partnered with YPulse — the leading specialist on Gen Z and Millennials — to survey 1,200 active weekly users in the US, ages 13-24.

From a point-of-view of Gen-Z, the 13-page report tries to uncover how this generation approaches education and redefines the idea of “career”, giving them the platform to express how they want to live their own version of reality.

As per Instagram:
“Instagram is where these tastemakers are leading on the creation of culture, exploring new territories, and taking what already exists in unexpected directions.”

This report explores key trends in particular areas, such as food, wellness, memes, and fashion and beauty.

Image: Instagram

For instance, in the fashion world, the report predicts that 50% of teens are expected to try a bold style like Dark Academia, Goth, Goblincore and Nostalgic wear.

In addition, the report also includes brief but comprehensive insights into the usage trends and behaviors, as well as creators to follow and hashtags to use.

Image: Instagram

Moreover, a dedicated section forecasting shopping behavior is included in the report to understand better the buying behavior of younger audiences in the Instagram ecosystem.

According to the report, one in every four teenagers and young adults will be more frugal and expand their online shopping on second-hand websites like Depop and Poshmark.

It also reports that one-third of young adults are interested to learn more about eco-friendly and “clean” skincare, such as plant-based skincare and vegan makeup, in 2022.

This report also predicts that one-third of Gen Z will have an increased focus on wellness activities like guided meditation and manifestation exercises. In like manner, half of the teens and young adults will trust micro-influencers with loyal and active audiences.

What’s more, Instagram also published a series of interviews with relevant influencers in diverse genres to obtain more direct insights from them about these forecasted trends. These are not just for personal views but valuable pointers to help brands create their own Instagram marketing approach.

Among other things, Instagram emphasizes how brands should consider Gen-Z’s choices in decision-making and brand promotions. While these forecasted trends remain a key driver of cultural shift, understanding these is paramount to your advertising success in the app.


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