What exactly is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free business tool that allows you to manage your brand’s online presence across the Google ecosystem. This allows you to create your virtual storefront, making your brand’s visibility more prominent online.

Strategically planning your GMB listing is key to having success here. Making sure your business information is properly placed and listed is very important especially since your brand will appear on various Google platforms such as Google Search and Maps. This includes details such as your business contact information, reviews, and other relevant information that can help your potential customers.


Benefits of Google My Business

Manage your information

By having a GMB account, you can have a better chance of putting your brand on Google. This means you can potentially have it listed higher on Google search engine.

Also through GMB, you can list your offerings/services via listings. This is specifically convenient for customers because they can immediately get the information about your business that they are looking for. This means that they won’t spend extra time looking for your phone number, opening hours, and address, among other things. You can have all of these in one place.

Simply put, with GMB, your customers have easy access to any information about your business.


Interacting with customers

Customer interactions also serve a vital role in determining the success of your business. With GMB, you can receive, read and respond to reviews from your customers. You can also answer any queries from them. This is a win-win for you because not only can you improve your business through feedback, it will also portray your business as a brand that is responsible and responsive.

To increase customer interest in your business, show off what and where you are good at by posting photos of your products and/or service on your Business Profile. Doing this will help your business receive more engagement and exposure. and most importantly build trust.


Understand and expand your presence

Get the insights you need to learn how customers search for your business across Google and how it performs. You can also track where they come from and how many of them call your business from the mobile and phone number listed online.

There are also recommendations based on the insights to improve your business. This function lets you decide on what actions to take to expand your business presence. It also gives you a better sense of how you should build on your branding.


Claim your Google My Business Listing

Google Local Guides can add listings for businesses even though they (the business owners) haven’t signed up for Google My Business yet. If your business has been around for a while, there’s a great chance that you might have a listing across Google already. Fortunately, you can claim this listing.

In the event you don’t want to claim the listing, think of this — people can suggest malicious edits, change your telephone number, address, and operating hours, or even mark your business as permanently closed. You don’t want that, right? Imagine the negative impact these will cause on your business.

It is very important to do this to safeguard your reputation and ensure business presence. Having a claimed GMB account can increase your chances to appear across Google, such as Google Search, Local Finder and Maps.


Google My Business Posts

Free advertising space — that’s how you simply describe what Google Posts are. With this tool, you have the entire control on what you want to associate with your business.

You can post images, any updates about your business, and even event announcements if you want to. Aside from that, you can also post content such as blogs, news, articles, service promotions and many more.

It is recommended to post regularly here and do it strategically. Meaning, on specific dates and time where you will most likely get more traction.


Questions and Answers

Here, you (the business owner or whoever manages the account) will have to answer Frequently Asked Questions. The questions range from simple yes-no questions to information questions that need lengthy responses.

The yes-no questions are usually answered by Google Local Guides with the option of “I don’t know.” Responses to these questions are generally correct. However, to ensure customers are receiving the best information, the one who manages the account should review the replies generated by Google.


Affordable and strategic Google My Business Management service for you

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